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The Law Office of Stephen Marley, PLLC

Specializing in Family Law




Strong advocacy informed by best practices and established relationships


Agreed or contested divorces with my client's best interest in mind


Suits Affecting the Parent Child Relationship-centered in civility and the child's best interest

Modifications and Enforcements

Practical approach to child custody and child support and ensuring that court orders are followed and my client's rights are protected

Protective Orders

Strong advocate to preserve the rights and safety of all of my clients

Terminations and Adoptions

Changing the legal dynamics of your family to ensure full rights to your children



There is nothing about family law that does not deserve compassion and civility, and we continue to strive to always provide that in our representation of clients.


Our founder is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine and the City University of New York School of Law. He and our firm are admitted to practice in Texas and New York, and have worked in Child Protective Services in New York City and the Domestic Violence Shelter in San Antonio prior to starting this firm.


We will always make time to speak with my clients about what is going on in their case, ensure that I turn the legal jargon into plain language, and make sure that they feel heard and respected throughout my entire representation.




Stephen Marley

Attorney at Law

and Founder

Nicole B, TX

Stephen is the most confident, passionate, and knowledgeable attorney I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I came to him a crying terrified mess with no clue what to do to regain control of my life. I lived in fear everyday, waiting nervously for my abuser to decide to come after me again and not know when or where the harassment would stop. Stephen stuck by my side through the entire process of obtaining a protective order and finally stand up for myself. I have always been too afraid to start this process being uncertain of the outcome. He assured me I had nothing to worry about. He saw to it that I got the order I needed to feel safe and answered any questions I had about clarity. He made it a point to tell me that my ex wouldn’t bother me anymore and if he did we would take any additional steps we needed to in order to make sure he did. The minute I stepped into his office, my problems became his problems and he showed it with pride. Stephen will make sure you never have to fight alone. He takes great pleasure in helping people through difficult situations and it’s very inspiring. I was under the impression that there were no consequences to individuals who choose to bully and harass others as an adult and he showed me how wrong I was. This man quite literally changed my life and he will be the first person I call if I ever find myself in need of legal assistance again! 5 stars are not enough!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will never be the same person again and I owe that all to you.

Maria D, TX

Mr. Marley was not only very straight to the point, but also honest. He communicated with me in ways I could understand. He took the time to explain to me what was going on. I do have to say, being honest with him, helps. His number one rule, "Do not lie". I communicated to him, everything, good or bad from both sides, my fears of what I did and did not do to keep the family safe. I did what he requested, spoke the truth. Mr. Marley is also an ethical lawyer, he was very conscious about both parties issues and concerns. From the beginning, he told me, " I am here to seek the safety of your children and a healthy out come for all of you" I know it sounds strange, but it in my case, this was important for the emotional healing for the children, their father and I. Mr. Marley is just and fair, when it came down to our request and agreements for the divorce. My ex-husband's lawyers were brutal and mean. They not only put me in a almost 5 hour interrogation, but also requested that the children will not have contact with me, I had to move back to Dallas and may other things, that only brings total destruction. In my case, I did what Mr. Marley asked of me "speak the truth", and that is what I did in the five hour interrogation and trial, the rest of it it was done by Mr. Marley. My Ex-husband's lawyers did everything to win, but at the end they lost. Base on friends and relatives input, my case was a difficult case to prove. Mr Marley presented my case and advocated for my children and me, in a way that the story was told with transparency and just. In less than one hour my case was presented and we won. We won almost everything we had requested. I only can say that Mr. Marley took his passion of advocating for families and turn it into his ministry.

Mona A., TX

I am not a person who writes reviews but I am too impressed not to and chances are there might be a person out there wondering who to choose so here we go: Highly recommend. Honest, kind and genuine person that will treat you like family/friend. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of without ripping you off. In addition to being super knowledgeable, he will make you giggle to cheer you up while wiping your tears away. I am very impressed about what good of a person this lawyer is which has made me reconsider my perception about lawyers in general. Definitely do your own research and compare him to other lawyers before you choose him but I already know who you will pick once you have a conversation with Mr. Marley. ;)
I am SO GLAD I found this guy. I got exceptional service at a fair price (yey!).
Be careful who you trust in this world and I hope who ever is reading this will find my experience helpful.



11503 Jones Maltsberger Road, Suite 1221

San Antonio, TX 78216

Tel:  210.900.2201

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